The Difference Between Anti-Static Shoes and Insulating Shoes

Jan 15, 2024

The Difference Between Anti-Static Shoes and Insulating Shoes


1. Anti-static materials and insulating materials have different resistances

Generally speaking, the insulation resistance is greater than 10120, while the anti-static resistance is between 1060 and 10120. Insulating rubber is non-conductive, while anti-static material is conductive 8, but the resistance value is relatively large. The standard requirement is between 106 and 109.


2. Anti-static shoes and insulating shoes have different performances

Anti-static shoes are made by adding anti-static materials to the soles. Anti-static shoes have a weak conductive function, which can guide the excess charge of the human body to the earth and avoid charge accumulation. The soles of insulated shoes are made of non-conductive insulating materials, which can Isolating the human body from the earth causes electrostatic discharge to occur on the human body, thereby eliminating static electricity from the human body. Even if the body comes into contact with a conductive body, there will be no electric shock accident.


3. Anti-static shoes and insulating shoes have different application ranges.

Anti-static shoes are generally used in precision electronics, components and other electronic companies, optical instruments, pharmaceutical companies, etc. During the use of anti-static shoes, friction does not generate static electricity, so it can To protect electronic products from static electricity, it is generally used in dust-free workshops and needs to be used with anti-static clothing. Insulating shoes are mainly used to protect the human body from the effects of electricity. There are no special requirements for the ground or protective clothing. They are generally worn by electricians to prevent electric shock due to step voltage and also to prevent electric shock accidents due to conductive ground.

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