How to Choose Cotton Slippers

Dec 15, 2023

How to Choose Cotton Slippers:

1. Smell: Good cotton slippers have no pungent odor or pungent fragrance.

2. Views: good cotton slippers, the fabric is of good color, the embroidery pattern is beautiful, the three-dimensional effect is strong, and the lines are plump. The fabric used inside the slippers is good.

3. Weigh: Good-quality cotton slippers do not cut corners. The weight of the materials selected is relatively high, and the thickness of the filling sponge is relatively large, so they will naturally be heavier than shoes of poor quality.

4. Folding: Good quality cotton slippers will not show white stains when folded by hand. They are authentic rubber raw materials. Not easy to break, good flexibility.

5. Anti-slip performance test: When buying shoes, rub the soles on the ground to see if they are astringent. The more astringent ones have better anti-slip effect.


About Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. When cleaning, pay attention to the washing instructions on the slippers. Use a warm water machine or hand wash. First soak the cotton slippers in water, then pour in washing powder or detergent. It is best to use warm water. After soaking for a while, take them out. Brush vigorously with the shoe brush, especially the invisible parts of the cotton slippers. Pay special attention to brushing more often.

2. First use clean water to wash away the floating ash, use warm water to mix an appropriate amount of washing powder, soak the shoes for at least 30 minutes (if they are very dirty, you can soak them for more time), and then squeeze them slightly with your hands. Use a soft-bristle shoe brush to gently scrub, rinse with clean water, squeeze out the water and let it dry in the sun.

3. Due to the material, soft-soled cotton slippers may become larger during wearing. You can choose machine washing for washing. When washing, put the slippers in your pocket and put them in the washing machine. However, in order to avoid the consequences of deformation and enlargement of slippers, it is recommended to choose hand washing. The washing steps are soaking and rubbing

4. For hard-soled cotton slippers, choose hand washing. Put the slippers into a water basin and completely wet them, apply detergent on the upper surface of the cotton slippers, clean the rubber sole first, then scrub with a soft brush from the inside of the shoe to the upper surface, and finally wash and dry them.

5. After thorough cleaning, expose it to the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill many germs. Finally, package it in a breathable packaging bag. Try not to use plastic bags. In addition, if you can't clean them thoroughly, it's best not to let your slippers "extend their service life". Basically, they should be replaced after one winter.

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