Do EVA slippers stink? EVA slippers, the perfect combination of fashion and comfort

Dec 01, 2018

Stylish EVA slippers are a must-have for modern homes. It is widely popular for its lightweight texture, high comfort and durability. However, whether it will cause stinky feet is a question that many people will consider before buying. This article will help you understand whether EVA slippers will cause stinky feet.


EVA is a foam material that has the advantages of lightness, softness, durability and good cushioning effect. It is often used to make slippers, sports shoes, etc. Compared with traditional rubber slippers, EVA slippers are lighter and softer and will not cause pressure on the feet. At the same time, it has better breathability and will not produce odor even in a humid environment.


Generally speaking, as long as you wear and clean EVA slippers correctly, you won't have the problem of smelly feet. It is recommended that you perform proper cleaning and maintenance before wearing. First, wipe the uppers with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and dust. Then, let the shoes dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight to avoid affecting the service life of the shoes.


Also, to ensure optimal breathability, insoles and soles should be cleaned regularly. If you find any odor, use appropriate deodorant to clean it and dry it in time. It is important to note that you should follow the product instructions when using deodorant and avoid overuse, which can cause damage to your shoes.


In short, as long as they are worn and maintained properly on a daily basis, EVA slippers will not cause stinky feet. Its fashion and comfort complement each other, which not only brings convenience to your home life, but also provides the best wearing experience for your feet. So, feel free to buy your favorite EVA slippers!

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