Slipper Sole Material

Dec 11, 2023

1.TPR Sole

This kind of sole is the most common. The technology of TPR sole is divided into TPR soft sole, TPR hard sole, TPR side seam sole, and many friends say rubber sole, beef tendon sole, blow molded sole, and viscose sole. can be classified into this category.

The advantages of TPR soles are that they are soft, waterproof, and have a certain degree of wear resistance. They feel like the familiar rubber feel. Another method is to press into cloth based on TPR to increase the durability of TPR.


2.EVA Sole

Many people may find this type of sole unfamiliar. In fact, people who frequently travel for business and those who love watching Korean dramas are familiar with it. Hotel mops are basically made of this type of sole. The slippers worn by many families in Korean dramas also have this kind of bottom.

The advantages of EVA sole are: strong, light, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable, soft, and rich in color. Easy to process, easy to bond and not easy to fall off. Suitable for use as beach shoes, home casual slippers, travel slippers, etc.


3. Dot Plastic Cloth Sole

Dotted plastic cloth is not very popular in China because many people find it inconvenient and think it is not waterproof. In fact, this kind of sole is also very common abroad, especially Americans. Most of them are used in animal slippers. Japan and South Korea also like to wear this kind of sole because it has very good anti-slip properties and is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals because of its silent effect. Soft, lightweight and non-slip.


4. Cloth Sole

There are many types of cloth sole, including suede, canvas, and mop velvet that can be used to mop the floor. Cloth-soled slippers are suitable for wooden floors. They are soft and comfortable, easy to clean, and most of them can be thrown away directly. Just put it in the washing machine. If your room has carpets or high-end wooden floors, or you are a homebody who likes to surf the Internet in the bedroom, then soft and comfortable cloth-soled slippers are definitely the best choice. However, slippers with this type of sole are more difficult in terms of craftsmanship and the audience market is not large, so they are rarely available in the market.


5.PVC Sole

It is a process that is synthesized by wrapping an EVA base with a layer of leather. Most of the soles of outsewed slippers are also made of this material. Like plastic cloth, EVA, and cloth bottoms, PVC sole are also mostly used in Japanese and Korean slippers. Probably because most homes in Japan and South Korea have wooden floors and carpets, slippers with this kind of sole are basically indistinguishable from left to right and are easy to wear and change. Therefore, this kind of sole is the most popular in Japan and South Korea. It will not be stained with dust. If it is dirty, just rub it on the cloth twice and it will be clean.


6. Bamboo

Bamboo bottom has the effect of sterilizing and removing athlete's foot.



There are also many fabrics that can be used on slipper soles, such as genuine leather. More common materials such as TPR, sheep leather and other materials can also be used for slipper soles.

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