How to Choose Bathroom Slippers

Jan 17, 2024

What material is good for bathroom slippers?

The EVA material of bathroom slippers is better.

Bathroom slippers must be waterproof and anti-slip, so it is better to use EVA material.

First, It doesn't matter if EVA slippers get wet with water, because unlike cotton slippers, you can't wear them if they get wet.

Second, the EVA material is more anti-slip than other materials, which can effectively protect the user and avoid accidents..

The sole materials of most slippers on the market now are TPR soles, EVA soles, plastic cloth soles, cloth soles, and PVC soles.

How to choose bathroom slippers

1. Check whether there is water accumulation

The first step in choosing bathroom slippers is to check whether the soles collect water. If the soles collect water, there will be water wherever you go after you come out of the bathroom. It is highly recommended that you buy hollow slippers, or massage slippers. Such slippers are not easy to get wet on the ground.

2. Check whether it is anti-slip

In addition to not collecting water, bathroom slippers must also be non-slip. Why would we rather buy slippers worth tens of yuan in the supermarket than buy slippers that cost just a few yuan from a certain store? You must know that slippers like that have non-slip soles, making it easy to slip when taking a shower.

3. Check whether your feet are clenched

When buying slippers for showering, be sure not to slip your feet. The so-called slippers are slippers made of poor material that make your feet feel uncomfortable. Some people think that massage slippers can cause cramping, but this is not the case. Massage slippers are actually very comfortable to wear after a few days. comfortable. Slippers with thick feet will always make the feet feel uncomfortable and cannot adapt to the feet. Check whether the interface is stable.

When choosing bathroom slippers, first check whether the interface is stable. Although some slippers do not collect water, they are not slippery. But the interface is very easy to break. While using it, it suddenly broke and the shoes flew off the feet, causing the bather to slip and get injured.

4. Look at the shoe size

In fact, we don’t pay too much attention to the size of bathroom slippers. As long as the slippers are comfortable to wear, they can generally be slightly larger than the foot size. But it shouldn't be so big that it slips out easily. It is recommended that everyone choose slippers that are half a size to one size larger.

5. Look at the weight of the slippers

Slippers are also consumables, so it is very important to choose good quality slippers. It is recommended that you do not buy those plastic and very light slippers. Large and light slippers are not attractive enough. They are not only not light but also easy to fall. Shoes that are too heavy are not suitable. Slippers are meant to be worn at home. How can you relax your feet with shoes that are too heavy? You should buy slippers with good weight.


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