2019.10.31-11.4 Mingmei 126th Canton Fair

Oct 31, 2019

2019.10.31-11.4 Mingmei 126th Canton Fair


The third phase of the 126th Canton Fair opened on October 31 at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou and will last until November 4.


Through the Canton Fair, we, Mingmei Sports Goods Co., Ltd., display the latest slippers products to international customers in order to promote business cooperation. Receiving foreign trade orders is the ultimate goal of our company. How to seize the opportunity to win orders is very knowledgeable.


Combining past service cases, we at Mingmei have greatly increased the chances of receiving orders at this Canton Fair, making participating in the exhibition a worthwhile trip!


Prepare new and unique samples

In a market with homogeneous competition, only novel and unique products can attract customers' attention. In addition, product differentiation also creates more added value for export companies. For those products without any special features, they are almost drowned in the vast sea of ​​people, and it is difficult to attract the attention of customers.


Enterprises strictly control product quality

Foreign customers generally require samples to be sent for testing before placing large orders, and product inspection is also required for large-scale production. If the quality is not up to standard, there will be no need to discuss anything. Only by establishing a complete quality management system and strictly implementing it can we at Mingmei firmly grasp foreign trade orders.

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