2018.10.31-11.4 Mingmei 124th Canton Fair

Oct 31, 2018

2018.10.31-11.4 Mingmei 124th Canton Fair

The 124th Canton Fair concluded successfully on November 4.

In the face of fierce market competition, we, Mingmei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., take independent innovation as the guide, comprehensively improve design, research and development, production management and service levels, work hard on product types, quality and brand, and through careful preparation, present to participating buyers We have developed slippers with novel designs, various varieties, good prices and good quality, and marketable slippers to promote our city's advantageous and characteristic industries to the world.


Carry out internal planning and corporate image

The Canton Fair only provides an opportunity to get to know customers. Once they are ready for follow-up cooperation, foreign customers will generally visit the company for on-site inspections. A good on-site image will leave a deep impression on customers. Domestic companies generally do not pay attention to on-site management. In contrast, a well-organized factory can impress customers more.


Improve production efficiency and reduce prices

Product price is an important assessment indicator for customers to choose suppliers. Competition in the foreign trade market is fierce, and foreign customers strictly control procurement costs and require price cuts almost every year. If export companies do not improve management performance and continue to reduce operating costs, they will either give up foreign trade orders or the company will become unprofitable.


This Autumn Canton Fair is a very rare opportunity for us at Mingmei. Mingmei can only gain a lot if she is fully prepared!

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